Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sunny Sky Nail Art (& Video Tutorial)

Scotland. Know for its brilliant scenery, unique food, outstanding poetry and....pants weather!!! : (
The weather never changes, always rainy, always cloudy, always cold, always miserable...
Sooooo, what better to do than some sunny sky designs on my nails! :-D

Well i have to say, i was pretty impressed by the neatness/non smudgy-ness of this design! :D
Oh and how kind of me to make you an easy step-by-step tutorial to create this cute, cheery design? You're welcome, you're welcome. ; )

Why not make a video response of you recreating this design on my youtube? :D Click here to upload one!

Have fun!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ladybug Nail Art (& Video Tutorial!)

Everyone loves ladybugs, right? Well who wouldn't want them on their nails?! XD

There you go ; )
And here's a video tutorial to help you create it yourself! ;D

Please tell me if you decide to take the challenge and paint them yourself and why not post it as a video response on the tutorial?! ; )

Have fun!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How to Make your Own Glitter Polish! (With Video Tutorial)

Sorry, i really don't know what's wrong with me but i really haven't been up to blogging recently : ( bobobowawawamehmehmeh :'(
On the bright side... i have 150 FOLLOWERS! :D (well 151 now but 150 seems like a nice number to tell you....)
Thank you so much! :D
And on the brighter side...i have 260 SUBSCRIBERS (on youtube(actually 264 but 260 seems like a nice number yennooo ;) )) Click here to go to la channel.

And now for the video tutorial!

Hope you like it! :D Tell me what you think in the comments belooww ;3

Oh and click HERE! for a nice surprise!! ;D 


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Extremely late Christmas Snowmen nails! :O

Yet again, i am sooo sorry, i'm not even sure if i should post this...oh what's the worst that could happen?!

Here's my nails from before christmas...

aaaaand the tutorial!

Hope you don't see this post till next christmas! hehe!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bumble Bee Nails!

I have wanted to do these nails for aaages now and i only just got round to doing them today!
I wont blabber on...

I'm trying not to brag but i think these could be my best designs yet! ; ) hehe! what do you think? :D

Here's the tutorial!

I hope you enjoy!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Water Marbled Nails

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I have neglected my little minions for waaay too long! It's just plain wrong!
I've really been in my bloggy mojo recently...
Normally i do my nails and instantly i am like 'OHMIGOSHNEEDTOBLOGNAAAOW!' but sadly, that's not really me these days :( maybe it's just because it is the christmas holidays? I don't know!
Well i hope you all had a holly jolly christmas and a happy new year! :)

So here is one of my nail videos from aaaages ago! I didn't really get any good photos so i'll just show you the video!

Sorry for the most boring blog post evaaar but i can assure you, there is better to come! : )