Monday, 31 October 2011

New Nail Tutorial - Video!

Well, the title gives it away! Please click here to watch the video and like, comment and subscribe! :D
Here's a photo of the mani anyway! : )

Short post but the video is the main humba-ma-jumba(my own word :D) so you'd be better watching that than reading this! :D

Lucy :D

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Nails!

So, Halloween is tomorrow? WRONG! Where i live, we have Halloween on the last Friday in October just 'coz we're cool that way... ; ) But for all of you, you still have time to try out this mani! ;D

Oh scaaaary! Haha, I think the Barry M crackle nails look quite spooky? hehe! Then you'll never guess what, for the spotty dotty bits? I used a kirby-grip/bobby-pin! Simple! Instead of using a dotting tool, use a kirby! :D I know the dots on my second finger is a bit smudged but i think it adds to the spookiness? xD I started to film myself doing my nails, but the camera kept falling over so i just gave up! :( tripod arrived in the post yesterday! yeeeey! :D So, a new video will be up soon! :D

the thumb! ; )

my other hand!

What do you think? :D I will post a new video soon, any suggestions or requests? Just comment! :D
Lucy :D

Monday, 24 October 2011

First Video Tutorial! :D

Well, since i have has so many requests for tutorials, i thought this was the perfect time to start! :D I made a tutorial on my masking nails, a few posts back! Here it is, hope you like it! :D

Please go to my youtube channel (here) and subscribe, comment, like, whatever! :D Oh, and also leave requests and suggestions of what you would like to see!

Here is a photo of my nails that i created in the video

Note to self ~ Don't use Nubar 2010 over white polish, doesn't look that good in photos... : P
I know, the lines aren't perfect, but you know that way when you post your first ever video and you're like 'Ahhhh Panic, Lucy, you're going waaaay too slow! Hurry up!' so yeah, i kinda rushed a bit, so i just decided to cover it in glitter to make up for the imperfections... :D Sorry about the bad lighting in the photo, all the glittery bits are black, arrrg! : ( Sorraaaay *slap Lucy's face* I promise to do better next time : D

Hope you like! :D
Lucy! :D

And The Winner is....

Remember my Models Own giveaway I started a few weeks back? I said i would end the giveaway when I reached 100 followers and last night...that happened! Dun, dun....DUN! :D Thank you soooo much, I am over the moon, it's amazing! >.< You're probably like, 'Shut up Lucy, we just want the free stuff -.-' so i will say no more and put you out of your misery, the winner is....

Rachel from One Quirky Blog!

Yaay! Well done Rachel! Rachel made a huge effort for the giveaway, she blogged about it, tweeted, facebooked, even made a button for her sidebar about the giveaway! :O I feel like i should give her my whole collection for what she has done...but i could never do that!! ; ) 
Rachel, I will contact you right now! XD

I wish i had enough Juicy Jules to give to each and every one of you! : ( But who knows, you could win my next giveaway! Just keep your eyes peeled...

Look out for a new post coming out later today! :D


P.S. i need a new name for you's, followers is boring! Suggestions in the comments? :D

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nubar - 2010 & goodies!

Wow, just wow! I ordered 2 nubar polishes from, one of them being Nubar - 2010(shown above). I was super-excited to get my package and was up every morning waiting for the post and when it came, they even chucked a few freebies in to add to the fabulousness of the wondrous box. Amazing!

Here is what i received free! The two polishes in the middle are the ones that i bought, Nubar - 2010 & Nubar - Heavy Gold Glitter. Then they sent me the two mini bottles, base coat and top coat and the can of hair volume mousse? :D Amazing i tell you...AMAZING!

Sorry, this photo doesn't do the polish any favours but i thought i'd show you how it looked from a bit further away! : )

Here it is again, yes, the same polish! :O Yeah! It turns different colours every time that you angle it differently! :D I know, fantastic! xD Don't you just love it?! I do! :D

Let me know what you think? Enter my giveaway here! For some reason, not many people are commenting on my recent posts, please do, i looooove comments, they make my day! :D

Ahhh! 95 followers! Thank you soooo much! Almost giveaway closing time infact! ;D

Lucy :D

Friday, 21 October 2011

O.P.I - Rainbow Connection - Muppets Collection

The third finger along from the left! :D
When i was out shopping in Glasgow today, I found this little beauty! ;D
I've been trying to hunt it down for ages and then when i was staring at it for so long, my mum must have been a bit worried so she offered to buy me it for a special treat! I was like 'YAAAAHOOOOOOOO!'

It's gorgeous, isn't it? >.<
I used it for a top coat over NYC - Ink Stain and layered on two coats. Here's a close up:

even more beauuuutiful! ^.^
I'm just dreading taking it off! : o

Oh, if you were wondering what nail polish i was using for my other nails from the first photo, all will be revealed soon enough children! ; )

I have quite a few posts ready to post throughout the new few weeks! : D

Make sure to enter my giveaway, here! I have only had 5 entries so far, ahh! Why aren't you entering?! I'd be jumping for joy, yaaaaay giveaway! XD

Thank you soooo much for following me everyone! I feel so loved with 84 followers! >.<

Lucy :D

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Masking nails & 80 Followers! : )

Ahhhhhh! Do you like it? :D I used NYC - Ink Stain & Rimmel - Green With Envy! To get this effect, i painted my nails with the darker colour and left it for a day(yes, a whole day!) to harden completely before layering a strip of cellotape(the word cellotape looks really weird to me, anyone else?!lol.) diagonally across my nail. Then I painted over the whole nail with the lighter polish and peeled the cellotape off! :D
The reason why i left it for a whole day is that I have tried this before, leaving it to dry for only a few hours and when i came to peel the tape off, the whole base coat came off with it as it must still have been soft....ish!

Do you like this one? I used the same effect but cut a triangle out of the strip! :D Which one do you like better? : )

Just to let you know, i made a facebook page for this blog(horraay!), click here to view the page and please 'like' it! : ) By liking this page and sharing it, you could also increase your chances of winning my giveaway! Click here to enter the giveaway! You just need to comment on the post with everywhere you have shared it on!
I am now over 80 followers, which means i am getting closer to the closing of my giveaway! :D Thank you so much! >.<

Oh! My friend, Lisa has started a blog where she is blogging about make-up, hair and all that jazz... ; ) Her first few posts are up and they are reeeeaaaally good with fabby tips! Click here to see her blog! :D

So that's all! I am expecting nail mail tomorrow so i will hopefully be posting again soon! :D
Your things to do ~

Like My Cute-Crazed Life's facebook page 
Enter my giveaway 
Follow Lisa's Blog 

How nice am i, making a to do list for you? ; )
Have fun! >.<

Lucy :D

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My First Giveaway! Models Own [CLOSED]

Well....I'm doing a giveaway! :D
I was up town and found this gorgeous Models Own set of 3 polishes in River Island! :D
It contained Thunder & Lightning, Pink Fizz and, *drumroll* Juicy Jules!

So, since I already own Juicy Jules, I thought 'Wow, these colours are gorgeous! But, hmmm, i already have Juicy Jules...hrrm...hrrrm....I'll give it to my FOLLOWERS!' :D So, there you go, Juicy Jules could be yours! >.<

So, what do you need to do to enter? simples!

1. You must be a follower!
2. You must share this blog and giveaway as much as possible(Blog about it, share it on facebook, tweet about it, hey! you could even post a youtube video about it!), just leave all the links to where you have shared it in the comments! Each link gets more points!
3. I will choose the blogger that has put in the most effort to my giveaway and blog!

So, what are you waiting for?

In your comment you should include:

1. Your name, so i can see that you are my follower.
2. All the links to your sharing.
3. Any comments on how i could improve my blog? :D
4. A link to your blog!
5. Tell me what country you are from!

The giveaway does not have an exact closing date... it will close when i reach 100 followers! That may be a while, but enter fast, it could be tomorrow! ; )

Thank you so much for all your support and following me! : P

Goodbye & Good Luck! :D

P.S. Just to make it clear to people, you ONLY win Juicy Jules! The photo of the 3 of them was just to show you what i had bought!

Monday, 10 October 2011

EOS Lip Balm & Blue Cracked Nails!

First, I will show you my new obsession...EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm! >.<
I found a post on Brittany's Secret(an awesome blog that i follow) that gave a great review to this lip balm, I needed to try it! :D
I searched and searched for the cheapest one i could find(quite hard to find in the UK) and finally found this! I know, it's not that cheap but it's the best site you will find! :D Me and my mum both got different flavours! I got Lemon Drop (gorgeous) & my mum got Honeydew and Honeysuckle (yuuuum!)!

Lemon Drop!
I'd give them 5/5, they keep my lips moisturised for aaaaaaages and smell(and taste ^.-) delicious! :D I'm sure i'll be needing another one soon...

Moving on, here are my nails :

Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & Barry M - Black Nail Effects
Barry M is seriously my favourite polish at the moment! : O It's so cheap and only needs one coat and they have fab colours!

I can't believe that i have 69 followers! XD That's unbelievable! Thank you soooo much everyone of you! :D In just over a week i have gained 19 followers! I'm going to be famous!!! (sorry for the over use of exclamation marks) 

Ahhh! Thank you! :D P.S. Expect a nail post sometime later this week...! : )


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye Steve : ( & Apple Nails

You have probably already heard about Steve Jobs! : (
He created so many great products, iPods, iMacs, iPads, iPhones...

apples home page
Even if you weren't an apple customer or whatever, iTunes was Steve's idea! 

apple products...
So...I decided to make a tribute to Steve by doing my nails : )

My nails next to my macbook...
Here is my freehand apple logo...

Apple & sparkles

My Apple
Hope you like the apple but also, Steve Jobs, awww : (


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My doggy & your own photos! : D

Just thought i'd update you with a video of my doggy! : D

You can watch it on youtube and like it or favourite or whatever you wanna do with it, your decision, not mine! >.<
I was exploring Pinterest when I can across this photo:

I know, I know, it doesn't look that fancy or anything but when i clicked on the photo, it took my to this (click here) page! Apparently you can put any design on your nails! you just need to have
 ~ Alcohol
 ~ Nail Polish
 ~ A Printer
All you need to do is print out a design to fit your nail, dip your nail in alcohol and then press the printed image onto your nail! So...does that mean you could put photo's of yourself on your nails... :O AMAZING! XD

I might(might) be making a tutorial on some of my nail designs at the weekend as many of you have requested! What would you like to see? I will try my best! :D

Thank you to all of my new followers, you are all amazing! >.<

See you soon,
Lucy :D

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Newspaper Nails & Patterns & Strawberries!

I used New York Color - Chelsea Cherry and Nail Supreme Nail Pens!
Do you like them? I think they turned out pretty well apart from the yellow-y colour that was meant to be green! : /

Here I used Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream and Nail Supreme Nail Pens! And a newspaper!
Do you like them? I'll show you a close up!

 Or Two!

These were my first attempts so i'm pretty proud! >.<

WEEEEEEY! I finally reached 50 followers! >.< Thank you soo much! Wait, 50 people want to read about me, whaaaaaa?! : O Woooow, I have to start writing interesting stuff! XD Thank yooooouu! :D

Do you like my nails? Which one is your favourite? Should I do some tutorials for my nails (e.g. water marbling, newspaper nails...)? Let me know! :D


Kawaii Companions ~ Ichigo : D

I recently received a package from Kawaii Companions including an Ichigo ring & an Ichigo necklace!

Ichigo Ring
The ring is soo cute as you can see and has an ajustable catch at the back, which is really handy as my fingers are quite slim so i could easily tighten it just by squeezing it! :D

back of the ring!
I also got the necklace which is basically the same but a big bigger and has a little cutie-pie body! >.<

necklace! :D
It is quite long and has a cute red chain! When i'm wearing it, it goes down to my belly button if that helps you picture the length of it(?!) lol! ^.^ It is now my favourite necklace and I have been wearing it everyday since I got it! :o It's uuuubeeer-cute! XD love it, love it, love it! : D
Here's a photo of them together! :D

awwwwwhhh! >.<

Do you love them yet? i do! :D You can buy your own by clicking here! :D Thanks so much Julie! :D

Do you like kawaii stuff? Do you like cute jewellery? Do you like my strawberry nails? Let me know in my comments!