Saturday, 6 October 2012

Update! with great blogs!

Hi everyone! 
I can't believe I've been off this for so long! Sorry!
All of my nails have been breaking recently and as soon as they start growing again...Break! :( and also, since this is a 'big' year in school, the past two months have basically been made up of studying, homework, school and sleeping. 
I just thought I'd give you all an update letting you know I'm still here and share some links to some of my favourite blogs!

Dolly Daydream
Let Them Have Polish
The Trace Face Philes
Adventures in Acetone
Through a Cat's Eyes
Sunday Pancakes
Oh Pink Candyfloss

I hope you enjoy these blogs and leave them some nice comments. ^-^
Hopefully I will be able to get posting again some time soon, and leave me some comments with suggestions for my next design! :D 



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  1. I watched all your nail videos yesterday c: (they are very addicting) I tried the marble nails, but the colors didn't really work. I was using Icing nail polish which probably wasn't a good kind.
    Please upload some more!! :)

    1. ah thank you! :D i've never heard or icing polish :O i think any polish that's not fast drying works really! hope you find some to work! xx

  2. Hello fellow blogger, I’m a blogging friend of Gjams and, over at my blog (,
    I am holding an amazeballs ‘design me a blog button’ comp and I’d
    LOVE it if you could enter, for further details just head over to my blog
    where I have written a post all about it,
    Thanks for reading... :)
    signed, Geekling. xx
    P.s Loving the nails!

  3. cool post! <3

  4. Love some of those blog's too


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