Monday, 26 September 2011

Water Marbling & Sparkles & Penguin! :D

Wow! You won't believe it! I went into the Salon Services shop and WHAT?! China Glaze and O.P.I Clearance rack calling me from the back?! : O Ohmigosh! So, I got the goldie colour on my pinkie - China Glaze - Cowardly Lyin' & China Glaze - Mistletoe Kisses on my 4th(dunno what to call it) finger! Wait for it, the Cowardly Lyin' was.....52 PENCE! Can you believe it? Wow! And the Mistletoe Kisses, £1.50! They are gorgeous too! :D Then i went into this shop called Discount UK(cheap chap shop >.<) and got some bottle of nail polish with super thin brushes, 99p each! I used them on my last two fingers! I'm such a bargain hunter! XD Then i used Rimmel - Green With Envy & Claires - Blue Sparkle & Rimmel - Magenta & Models Own - Juicy Jules & Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & New York Color - Ink Stain for the rest! :D Do you like them? : )

And for this hand i used New York Color - Ink Stain & Barbra Daly - Snow & Nail Supreme Nail Pens & Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & New York Color - Permanent Pink! Like them? : D

Here is a close up of my thumb with the penguin!

Yeeeeeeey! What's your favourite? :D

Enough about nails, here's a photo of my dog at the weekend : 

Sticking his tongue out XD
Isn't he adorable? >.<

Do you like my nails? What nail is your favourite? Do you have a dog or any other animals? Let me know in my comments! XD

Lucy! :D


Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Nut! XD

So, I got my harry hill nut in the post on Thursday! XD
You should know what i mean if you have read my posts over the past 2-3 weeks? If you haven't, basically, you had to send a photo of yourself into Harry Hill(you know, from Harry Hills TV Burp?) and he would pick the ones that he would like to draw, and I was one of them! : D He drew me on one of his fair-trade nuts! And then it arrived in the post with his autograph on a match box with my nut and a itsy bitsy bit of cotton wool to keep it cosy! >.<

Moving on, I went to my friend, Louise's house last night with a couple of other friends! We got Domino's pizza! *drool* >.< Then we also played Just Dance 2, and I swapped those old nail polishes that I didn't want for some of theirs! I will post pics of them maybe tomorrow? I need to let my nails 'breath' (as my mum says ^.- )for a couple of days before painting them again... So I will be painting them tomorrow but i'm not quite sure what to do yet...any suggestions for nail art? XD

I'm also super excited as My Kawaii Space's jewellery comp. closes today! :D The prizes are soooooooo cute, can't wait to see who wins! >.<

Lastly, I'm going out with my friends today sooo, i'll be seeing ya! ; D

Lucy : D

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Penguins, Rainbows, Clouds & Marbling! :D

Rainbow & Cloud by...Me!
I saw some cute nails on Pinterest(my page here!) and decided to try a few out on my mum! :D They worked out really good as you can see from the photos and i'm really proud of my first attempt! >.< Do you like it? :D
Penguin by....Me!

I also desperately wanted to try a cute little penguin and this was the result! :0) Do you like it? This is aslo on my mums nails but i do hope to ry them out on myself at some point! ^.^ Do you like this one? :D

All of her nails! by me! :D
I just glittered up the rest and...Hey Presto! Kawaii! :D
My Nails 
My Nails
My Grans nails by me! :D

Which is your favourite? Feel free to ask me questions or give suggestions in the comments or you can find my email adress in the 'Contact Me' page! :D

Lucy :D

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New York Color : D

First shot at water marbling on myself :D
I would describe the process of my water marbling but i think i might just film it next time to save all the complicated type! >.< Do you like it? : ) The blue polish is New York Color - Ink Stain 115 and the pink, New York Color - Permanent Pink - 109! :D And the sparkles, Models Own - Juicy Jules.
Just another photo
Do you want me to make a video tutorial in my next post? What is your favourite nail? 

Lucy :D

P.S. I've only painted one hand : O

Friday, 16 September 2011

Nail Art! :D

Today I had my friends, Rachel & Stephanie over and they were lucky enough to get their nails designed by... moi! ; D
Firstly, I will show you Rachel's nails!
Too many polishes to name! : O
 In total, I used 10 polishes on Rachels nails, which were all very easy to apply and looked gorgeous! :D
If you are wondering, 'What?! How did you do that amazing design on Rachel's index finger Lucy?!' Well, my little followee's, that is my deepest secret! ; ) *Water Marbling*
I will tell you all of the names later!
Close up on Rachel finger

Stephanie's nails 
For Stephanie's nails, I used the water marbling again and also some Barry M Nail Effects - 315 on top of Revlon - White On White - 050, they were both really easy to use and were quick drying! :D
Everything we used! From left to right:
Revlon - White On White 050
Miners Extreme Nail Colour 
Barry M - Nail Effects - 315
Claires - Chip Resistant
Hello Kitty - Box Set
Rimmel - Green With Envy - 819
Rimmel - Your Majesty - 239
Barry M - Red Glitter - 150
New York Color - Ink Stain - 115
New York Color - Permanent Pink - 109
Models Own - Juicy Jules

Hope you liked my designs! xD
What's your favourite? : )

Lucy :D

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cute Giveaway, Harry Hill made me a nut! :D

My Kawaii Space and Kawaii Companions are hosting a super cute giveaway where you can win this ring and necklace! 
The strawberry! :D
 You can find the instructions on how to win the adorable prize here! It's really simple actually! I desperately want to win! >.< It is soooooooo caayooooot! : D The comp. closes on the 24th of September so hurry up if you want to be in with a chance! ^.^ You should also follow the blogs as they are just so...KAWAII! :'D Can't wait to see who wins, good luck everyone! >.<

Also, thank you to all of my followers! Over the weekend i went up by 5 followers! That doesn't seem that much to all you, big boss bloggers out there but to me, it's loads! :D Thank you so much for being interested in my posts! >.<
So, i've made a sort of blog button, but i don't have a clue how to get it to link back to my blog! : O Someone gave me a link to a website that helps you with this problem but i don't know how to work it! Can someone please tell me what to do!? :D

Here's my possible button!
Oh my gosh! :D I just got an email from Harry Hill! You know, the comedian from Harry Hill's TV Burp, and You've been Framed and all that? Well i entered a photo of myself a while ago for Harry to draw me on one of his fair-trade nuts....and i won! :D Here's his drawing of me on a nut! :D
it's amazing how over-excited i am at the moment! :D I loooooooooove Harry Hill! :D
Harry Hill is like my heeeeeeroooooo! :D

Lucy :D


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Nails! : D

Barry M - Red Glitter (150) £2.99
Wow! Just Wow. :D This stuff is amazing, i expected it to be kinda rubbish really after seeing the price but I was seriously wrong! This polish is very easy to apply and only needs 1-2 coats! :D I use a clear coat on top and bottom to protect my nails from discolouring and to make them shiny! ^.^ I would give this 10/10 and say it is probably one of my favourite nail varnish's! :D

Rimmel - Your Majesty - 239 - £2.99 (i think)
I used this as a base coat for the glittery Models Own and it worked out fantastic! :D I'd also give this 10/10 as you only need 1 coat and to my amazement, i only need to use 1 stroke! The brush spreads out as soon as it touches your nail! Amazing. >.< It is well worth the money! I have had many of my friends asking where i had my minx nails done, not knowing it was only nail varnish! A great buy!
Models Own - Juicy Jules - £5

 Brilliant! I had heard about Models own on other nail blogs always with fantastic reviews so when i went shopping, i just had to buy it! I used 3 coats in my finished photo to glam my nails to the max, but you only need 1 to glitter you nails! :D The sparkles glimmer perfectly in the light and match the glittery red on my other nails beautifully! :D Another 10/10 for this one! ^.^

Accessorise - Aztec - £4 
This is amazing! It actually shimmers in 4 different colours! : O It glitters in purple, gold, green and blue! All of my friends were asking me if i had mixed different colours together or something like that! xD I was amazed that it stayed on for over a week! Most of my nail varnishes only stay on for a few days before chipping but this didn't chip at all! :D You must think that i am just looking for brownie points , but again, this definitely deserves 10/10! :D

Do you want to see more? Do you love decorating your nails? Can you recommend any funky nail polish's to me? Let me know in the comments! 

I hope you liked my nail reviews! 

Lucy :D