Saturday, 6 October 2012

Update! with great blogs!

Hi everyone! 
I can't believe I've been off this for so long! Sorry!
All of my nails have been breaking recently and as soon as they start growing again...Break! :( and also, since this is a 'big' year in school, the past two months have basically been made up of studying, homework, school and sleeping. 
I just thought I'd give you all an update letting you know I'm still here and share some links to some of my favourite blogs!

Dolly Daydream
Let Them Have Polish
The Trace Face Philes
Adventures in Acetone
Through a Cat's Eyes
Sunday Pancakes
Oh Pink Candyfloss

I hope you enjoy these blogs and leave them some nice comments. ^-^
Hopefully I will be able to get posting again some time soon, and leave me some comments with suggestions for my next design! :D 



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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer Water Marbling Nails(with video tutorial!!)

Hey guys! 

Sorry I've been away for soooo long, as I said, all of my nails broke when I was in London so I was waiting for them to grow! Anyway, I'm back with some water marbling! 

You can learn how to remake this design by clicking HERE or by watching the video below! ; ) 

Don't forget to watch, comment, like and subscribe to LucysNailss on youtube!

See ya later!!



Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sparkly Gradient Nails (With video tutorial!)

Sorry i've been away for so long! I have the same excuse as usual - i have been too busy studying/homework and also i have just not been in the right bloggy mind to do anything! But anyway, here is my latest design and tutorial!

click here to WATCH the TUTORIAL! ^.^

I'm getting quite a lot of subscribers now, so i hope you are all subscribed or i will hunt you down individually and hack into your google/youtube account and do it myself! >:D haha, only joking guys! ;D

Talk to ya's later!!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Kokeshi Nail Art (with Video Tutorial)!

So i made a kokeshi tutorial quite a while ago but completely forgot to post about it(that and i had looooaaaads of studying to do)! So now i am finally here to show you it... Click Here to watch the tutorial(so you can like, comment and subscribe).

And some photos...

You likey?! :D

Here's a few snaps of my dog too! :D

So i hope you like them! :D

Oh and btw, i only need 13 more subscribers till i'm at 300 on youtube! :D
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Chick Nail Art (With video tutorial!)

Who's excited for easter? i am! :D
Lot's of chocolate and fun! ◠‿◠
So I have made a cute easter chick nail art tutorial for you! 

Chick chick chick chick chicken!

Lay a little egg for me!

hehe! So if you want to know how to do them, here you go! click here to watch the video and comment or rate!
Or you can watch the video here,

Hope you like it and have a fabby easter! 


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ninja Nail Art (with video tutorial)

Everyone loves ninja's.

mistaa ninjaaa


Awwww! Do you like them? I made a video tutorial so you can create this look yourself! Click HERE!

I hope you like them! Like the video, comment, and subscribe pleeeaasie-pops! :D

See ya,


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Favourites of March

Hey everyone!
I've decided to make my first ever monthly favourites post! :D
I hope you like it and tell me what you think once you're done...

TRESemm√© Heat Defence Styling Spray 300ML - £4.99 - Superdrug

You know when people complain about having curly/straight/wavy hair? Well, my hair looks like a cat has been dragged backwards through a bush, and then been sat on top of my head. Soo, I have the joy of straightening my hair every single morning! Obviously you're thinking, 'Lucy, that's terrible! Your hair will die!' (Well it's already dead..) but let me introduce my little friend...'Tresemm√©  Heat Defence'! I give my hair around ten scooshes all over(my hair is really thick) then brush it through before sizzling it with the straighteners. When I take the straighteners over my hair it steams up but it must be doing its job because I have definitely noticed my hair isn't as dull and dry and I don't have as many split ends! Plus, the spray smells nice! Woo!

Hurraw Moon Balm Night Treatment - £3.90 -

Best lip balm ever! My mum turned vegan recently and has been encouraging me to try out some vegan cosmetics so we figured we could order this vegan, organic balm! I can honestly say this is the best brand of lip balm I have ever used! Me and my mum actually ordered two more straight away! It is really smooth, stays on for ages and has a great smell. The description for all of the flavours says,
'Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting;  plus it holds up to being in a back jeans pocket all day without melting!'
And it does exactly that!

Clearasil Overnight Serum - £1.29 - Discount UK
Well, I have very oily and spotty skin. I'm not too sure if Discount UK is a local shop or if it's across...the UK... I wasn't expecting very much for £1.29 but I thought I would give it a try because I had seen the Ultra range in Boots, Superdrug(etc) where it was really expensive... It is a miracle cream!! D: I have never had anything work as good! I just smooth a thin layer over spots, red patches or blemish-prone areas after I have washed my face at night and leave it..overnight, and when i wake up, ta da! Clear skin! :D It's only a small bottle but it's not that bad considering the price, i highly recommend it.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara - £6.99 - Boots
I actually got mine in Wilkinson for £4.99 but they don't have it on their website for me to direct you to. :( Anyway, this is perfect for me! It's not clumpy or heavy and it is really easy to apply. The only thing i could say against it is that it only comes in black or extreme black, I would quite like a dark brown... Not much else to say but I would recommend it!

Hey! There you go! Did you like this months favourites? I hope you did but please leave a comment to let me know! :D Thanks for reading,


Monday, 13 February 2012

Double Valentine's Day Heart Nail Art (With 2 Video Tutorials!)


Before i show you todays nails, and to save you get all confuzzled... I have changed the name of my blog, facebook page(click here), and youtube(click here)! They are now all named, 'Lucys Nailss'.
All links are different now!
Facebook Page~

So i'm sure you all know about the 14th of February.
The day everyone acts all lovey-dovey, eats chocolate blah blah...
Buuut, i get so much more enjoyment out of creating a cute nail art design. ; )

Here is design numbero one...

If you like it, you can watch the video tutorial by clicking HERE!

Or watch it below...

I also made a simpler design, for those without dotting tools.

And the tutorial is HERE!

Please tell me which one you like better in the comments! :3

Happy valentine's!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Youtube tutorials! LucysNailss

Hey guys! ;D

I just opened up a new youtube channel, making the same sort of videos but under a new name...


You're wondering, 'What?! Why?!'. Well, i don't really like the name 'My Cute Crazed Life' anymore : (
So i decided to make my new channel and i'll give you all free cookies(not) once you go and subscribe to it! :D

And here's a treat, once you have subscribed, come back to this page, comment with your youtube username and blog link, and i will feature/link you in my next post! :D
How's that for you? ; )
So, here's the link,

Click on the name below..


That should open a new window ^.^

Can't wait to hear from you all and have a smashing day ; )


Sunday, 5 February 2012 Nail Art Stickers Review

I know i usually do my own nail art but this was a nice change from my designs! Hopefully you think so too?! :D
The stickers i am using are called Daisy & Roses nail art stickers and you can buy them here from!
The site also sells stamping plates, polishes and much more awesome stuffies! :D

For the base coat (light blue) i used Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream and for the darker stamped polish, Barry M - Cobalt Blue. I also used Bundle Monster image stamping plate.

The stickers peel of the sheet fairly easy, I used some tweezers to ease them off then place them on my nail. The only problem i had with them was that a few of petals popped up and off of my nail after application but that was easily fixed. I just held them down with my tweezers for a few seconds and then put a clear top coat on to lock them in!

I'm really pleased with the result! Let me know what you think in the comment box! : )
I'd recommend these to anyone looking for some good quality stickers and at £1.25 per sheet, i'd say, value for money! ; D

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!

*Product sent for review*

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sunny Sky Nail Art (& Video Tutorial)

Scotland. Know for its brilliant scenery, unique food, outstanding poetry and....pants weather!!! : (
The weather never changes, always rainy, always cloudy, always cold, always miserable...
Sooooo, what better to do than some sunny sky designs on my nails! :-D

Well i have to say, i was pretty impressed by the neatness/non smudgy-ness of this design! :D
Oh and how kind of me to make you an easy step-by-step tutorial to create this cute, cheery design? You're welcome, you're welcome. ; )

Why not make a video response of you recreating this design on my youtube? :D Click here to upload one!

Have fun!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ladybug Nail Art (& Video Tutorial!)

Everyone loves ladybugs, right? Well who wouldn't want them on their nails?! XD

There you go ; )
And here's a video tutorial to help you create it yourself! ;D

Please tell me if you decide to take the challenge and paint them yourself and why not post it as a video response on the tutorial?! ; )

Have fun!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How to Make your Own Glitter Polish! (With Video Tutorial)

Sorry, i really don't know what's wrong with me but i really haven't been up to blogging recently : ( bobobowawawamehmehmeh :'(
On the bright side... i have 150 FOLLOWERS! :D (well 151 now but 150 seems like a nice number to tell you....)
Thank you so much! :D
And on the brighter side...i have 260 SUBSCRIBERS (on youtube(actually 264 but 260 seems like a nice number yennooo ;) )) Click here to go to la channel.

And now for the video tutorial!

Hope you like it! :D Tell me what you think in the comments belooww ;3

Oh and click HERE! for a nice surprise!! ;D 


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Extremely late Christmas Snowmen nails! :O

Yet again, i am sooo sorry, i'm not even sure if i should post this...oh what's the worst that could happen?!

Here's my nails from before christmas...

aaaaand the tutorial!

Hope you don't see this post till next christmas! hehe!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bumble Bee Nails!

I have wanted to do these nails for aaages now and i only just got round to doing them today!
I wont blabber on...

I'm trying not to brag but i think these could be my best designs yet! ; ) hehe! what do you think? :D

Here's the tutorial!

I hope you enjoy!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Water Marbled Nails

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I have neglected my little minions for waaay too long! It's just plain wrong!
I've really been in my bloggy mojo recently...
Normally i do my nails and instantly i am like 'OHMIGOSHNEEDTOBLOGNAAAOW!' but sadly, that's not really me these days :( maybe it's just because it is the christmas holidays? I don't know!
Well i hope you all had a holly jolly christmas and a happy new year! :)

So here is one of my nail videos from aaaages ago! I didn't really get any good photos so i'll just show you the video!

Sorry for the most boring blog post evaaar but i can assure you, there is better to come! : )