Monday, 13 February 2012

Double Valentine's Day Heart Nail Art (With 2 Video Tutorials!)


Before i show you todays nails, and to save you get all confuzzled... I have changed the name of my blog, facebook page(click here), and youtube(click here)! They are now all named, 'Lucys Nailss'.
All links are different now!
Facebook Page~

So i'm sure you all know about the 14th of February.
The day everyone acts all lovey-dovey, eats chocolate blah blah...
Buuut, i get so much more enjoyment out of creating a cute nail art design. ; )

Here is design numbero one...

If you like it, you can watch the video tutorial by clicking HERE!

Or watch it below...

I also made a simpler design, for those without dotting tools.

And the tutorial is HERE!

Please tell me which one you like better in the comments! :3

Happy valentine's!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Youtube tutorials! LucysNailss

Hey guys! ;D

I just opened up a new youtube channel, making the same sort of videos but under a new name...


You're wondering, 'What?! Why?!'. Well, i don't really like the name 'My Cute Crazed Life' anymore : (
So i decided to make my new channel and i'll give you all free cookies(not) once you go and subscribe to it! :D

And here's a treat, once you have subscribed, come back to this page, comment with your youtube username and blog link, and i will feature/link you in my next post! :D
How's that for you? ; )
So, here's the link,

Click on the name below..


That should open a new window ^.^

Can't wait to hear from you all and have a smashing day ; )


Sunday, 5 February 2012 Nail Art Stickers Review

I know i usually do my own nail art but this was a nice change from my designs! Hopefully you think so too?! :D
The stickers i am using are called Daisy & Roses nail art stickers and you can buy them here from!
The site also sells stamping plates, polishes and much more awesome stuffies! :D

For the base coat (light blue) i used Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream and for the darker stamped polish, Barry M - Cobalt Blue. I also used Bundle Monster image stamping plate.

The stickers peel of the sheet fairly easy, I used some tweezers to ease them off then place them on my nail. The only problem i had with them was that a few of petals popped up and off of my nail after application but that was easily fixed. I just held them down with my tweezers for a few seconds and then put a clear top coat on to lock them in!

I'm really pleased with the result! Let me know what you think in the comment box! : )
I'd recommend these to anyone looking for some good quality stickers and at £1.25 per sheet, i'd say, value for money! ; D

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!

*Product sent for review*