Monday, 13 February 2012

Double Valentine's Day Heart Nail Art (With 2 Video Tutorials!)


Before i show you todays nails, and to save you get all confuzzled... I have changed the name of my blog, facebook page(click here), and youtube(click here)! They are now all named, 'Lucys Nailss'.
All links are different now!
Facebook Page~

So i'm sure you all know about the 14th of February.
The day everyone acts all lovey-dovey, eats chocolate blah blah...
Buuut, i get so much more enjoyment out of creating a cute nail art design. ; )

Here is design numbero one...

If you like it, you can watch the video tutorial by clicking HERE!

Or watch it below...

I also made a simpler design, for those without dotting tools.

And the tutorial is HERE!

Please tell me which one you like better in the comments! :3

Happy valentine's!

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