Monday, 6 February 2012

Youtube tutorials! LucysNailss

Hey guys! ;D

I just opened up a new youtube channel, making the same sort of videos but under a new name...


You're wondering, 'What?! Why?!'. Well, i don't really like the name 'My Cute Crazed Life' anymore : (
So i decided to make my new channel and i'll give you all free cookies(not) once you go and subscribe to it! :D

And here's a treat, once you have subscribed, come back to this page, comment with your youtube username and blog link, and i will feature/link you in my next post! :D
How's that for you? ; )
So, here's the link,

Click on the name below..


That should open a new window ^.^

Can't wait to hear from you all and have a smashing day ; )


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