Monday, 21 November 2011

Bunny Nails + Video Tutorial

Soooo, Emily from My Kawaii Space(a super awesome/amazing/kawaii/cute & quirky blog) suggested that i do white bunnies on my nails, so i did! :D

Or you could go and see my video on youtube? :D
Click heeere!

I was featured on My Kawaii Space(awesomepops!) recently and thought i should tell you, you NEED to check it out! : ) Emily(the blog owner) holds looaads of competitions, posts uber-kawaii stuff and talks the language of awesome! ;D Click here to see her post about this blog and while you're there, follow her and enter here current giveaway heere!

I was also thinking of posting about one blog maybe once a month and maybe even interviewing the authors? What do you think? They could do a guest post on my blog or something like that? :D

Well i gotta go revise for a physics & biology test, wish me luck! :D

Lucy :D


  1. Awww! I love these :D super cute!
    good luck with your test, I'm doing Bio too :)
    So i feel your pain :P

  2. thanks for visiting my blog ;) You're blog is really cute and this mani is so sweet, love the bunny <3 <3

  3. Oh my!! That is just too adorable <3333


    Love it.

  4. you're doing so well with all this-keep it up!♥

  5. Hey Lucy, U have such a lovely blog!!! love it!!!

  6. love the blog... and the nails of course/... please check out my blog and follow at thanks, lrah :)


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