Saturday, 26 November 2011

Late Pudsey Nails : ) + Stamps

Sorry guys, long time no post : ( and a very late one at that : /
So i was supporting 2 causes, children and need & movember
I just remembered i hadn't shown you guys my Pudsey nails from 1-2 weeks ago? I totally forgot! :O

But anyway, on the bright side, i have over 100 subscribers on youtube now! :D yaay!
Sorry, the reason i haven't been posting is because i have had sooooo much homework and revision! : (
I have to revise for 2 physics tests, 1 biology test & 1 chemistry test, all over the course of 2 days : ( And then i have an english discursive essay to write, media sitcom review, maths homework, history essay & probably more that i can't even remember : ( All for either Monday or Tuesday! :(

Wish me luck and i will try to update you soon : /


P.S. - Thought i'd show you my current stamped nails!


  1. Lucy cute pudsey ones!!! the leopard mani rocks!

  2. hello! i tagged you in a post. check it out!


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