Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nyan Cat Nails + Fail Video

So, i made a nyan nyan nyan cat on my nails! xD
You know, that video? Well only a few of my friends knew what it was and i was like "VAAAAAAAT?!" So, i will show you the video since i'm so kind like that...
click here to NYAAAAAN!
And now for the nails...

Nyan nyan on my thumbwumb.

he poops rainbows XD
So do you like them? I did video them but turns out that the whole video was out of focus so i won't show you that as my dad ranted on 'You are trying to show people your quality and putting up that video is just completely cancelling that quality out!*angry face*" Or something along those lines...
I'm sorry : (
I will try my best to make a video soon : )
In the mean time, like my facebook page and subscribe to my youtube channel! ; ) If you want...I want! xD



  1. HAHA this is genius!
    I love it :D
    I saw the video on rude tube the other week
    I'm a sucker for a funny cat video
    let me share with you my personal favorite :P....

    Awsome nails again!

  2. Cutey pie nails ;D

  3. My boyfriend would love this. Its geeky nail art...<3

  4. Nyan cat rules! So do the nails xx


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