Monday, 31 October 2011

New Nail Tutorial - Video!

Well, the title gives it away! Please click here to watch the video and like, comment and subscribe! :D
Here's a photo of the mani anyway! : )

Short post but the video is the main humba-ma-jumba(my own word :D) so you'd be better watching that than reading this! :D

Lucy :D


  1. Awww such cute colored polka dots XD

  2. I love the mani, and the colors you chose. Thanks for the video!! :D

  3. Dots are always cute :)
    This is a nice colour combo

  4. Very nice video fast and to the point just what I like and I love your star wars ending! I subbed to you!

  5. OMG! YOU ARE SOOOO GOOD!!! So glad I found your blog!

    I think you'll like my blog.

    Want to follow each other?

    Xox Soph

  6. hey lucy, just first if all wanted to congratulate you on reaching 115 followers!!! wowzers!! well done :D also, thanks for the comment on my blog post - its not "bad", no-ones judging. its just i dont feel that way (:
    Rose ~<3


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