Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Nut! XD

So, I got my harry hill nut in the post on Thursday! XD
You should know what i mean if you have read my posts over the past 2-3 weeks? If you haven't, basically, you had to send a photo of yourself into Harry Hill(you know, from Harry Hills TV Burp?) and he would pick the ones that he would like to draw, and I was one of them! : D He drew me on one of his fair-trade nuts! And then it arrived in the post with his autograph on a match box with my nut and a itsy bitsy bit of cotton wool to keep it cosy! >.<

Moving on, I went to my friend, Louise's house last night with a couple of other friends! We got Domino's pizza! *drool* >.< Then we also played Just Dance 2, and I swapped those old nail polishes that I didn't want for some of theirs! I will post pics of them maybe tomorrow? I need to let my nails 'breath' (as my mum says ^.- )for a couple of days before painting them again... So I will be painting them tomorrow but i'm not quite sure what to do yet...any suggestions for nail art? XD

I'm also super excited as My Kawaii Space's jewellery comp. closes today! :D The prizes are soooooooo cute, can't wait to see who wins! >.<

Lastly, I'm going out with my friends today sooo, i'll be seeing ya! ; D

Lucy : D

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