Monday, 26 September 2011

Water Marbling & Sparkles & Penguin! :D

Wow! You won't believe it! I went into the Salon Services shop and WHAT?! China Glaze and O.P.I Clearance rack calling me from the back?! : O Ohmigosh! So, I got the goldie colour on my pinkie - China Glaze - Cowardly Lyin' & China Glaze - Mistletoe Kisses on my 4th(dunno what to call it) finger! Wait for it, the Cowardly Lyin' was.....52 PENCE! Can you believe it? Wow! And the Mistletoe Kisses, £1.50! They are gorgeous too! :D Then i went into this shop called Discount UK(cheap chap shop >.<) and got some bottle of nail polish with super thin brushes, 99p each! I used them on my last two fingers! I'm such a bargain hunter! XD Then i used Rimmel - Green With Envy & Claires - Blue Sparkle & Rimmel - Magenta & Models Own - Juicy Jules & Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & New York Color - Ink Stain for the rest! :D Do you like them? : )

And for this hand i used New York Color - Ink Stain & Barbra Daly - Snow & Nail Supreme Nail Pens & Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & New York Color - Permanent Pink! Like them? : D

Here is a close up of my thumb with the penguin!

Yeeeeeeey! What's your favourite? :D

Enough about nails, here's a photo of my dog at the weekend : 

Sticking his tongue out XD
Isn't he adorable? >.<

Do you like my nails? What nail is your favourite? Do you have a dog or any other animals? Let me know in my comments! XD

Lucy! :D



  1. Awesome dog photo! I would love a dog :P I have a guineas pig though! How, I repeat, HOW are you so amazing at nails!!! That penguin is UNBELIEVABLY COOL.

  2. O.P.I Is my favorite brand of nail polish! I wish I had a pet.. I used to have some fish though when I was a toddler..

  3. Cute nails! I have 2 cats, I dedicated a whole post to them yesterday <3 -

    :) x

  4. very cute designs! i love the colrs and the penguin. hehehe

  5. Cute dog! By the way, how do actually put the marbling pattern on your nails? I was just wondering because my dad does marbling with paper. :)

  6. great bargains on the nail haul!
    Loving that black beast!

  7. i have 1 puppy and 2 cats. My puppy's name is Daisy and my cats' names are Pineapple and Chestnut. I LOVE YOUR NAILS LUCY. Oh, and I found you on penpal world but I ran out of credits already, so email me @ or comment on my blogs.

  8. thanks everyone! :D Anna - i will post a video soon! :D Cecilia - thanks, i will email you! :D

  9. ok thx lucy.....i enjoy making new friends

  10. Wow - they're all so cute! :)


  11. Nice! Where in Scotland you live? Did you enjoy the wee heat wave? It's finished already. :(

  12. i live just outside Glasgow! yeah, but now it's pouring down : (


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