Sunday, 18 September 2011

Penguins, Rainbows, Clouds & Marbling! :D

Rainbow & Cloud by...Me!
I saw some cute nails on Pinterest(my page here!) and decided to try a few out on my mum! :D They worked out really good as you can see from the photos and i'm really proud of my first attempt! >.< Do you like it? :D
Penguin by....Me!

I also desperately wanted to try a cute little penguin and this was the result! :0) Do you like it? This is aslo on my mums nails but i do hope to ry them out on myself at some point! ^.^ Do you like this one? :D

All of her nails! by me! :D
I just glittered up the rest and...Hey Presto! Kawaii! :D
My Nails 
My Nails
My Grans nails by me! :D

Which is your favourite? Feel free to ask me questions or give suggestions in the comments or you can find my email adress in the 'Contact Me' page! :D

Lucy :D


  1. Amazing, I love the rainbow/cloud and penguin the best! You're really good! :D

  2. Woah! My favourites are the rainbow and the penguin :) You're so good at nail painting! How do you do the thumb in the 5th picture?

  3. Cliona - Thanks! :D I used water marbling for my thumb! Here's a link that you can check out,
    : )

  4. this is really cute! sooo adorable!

  5. you are doing really well I love my nails! :0))
    Thanks 0*0

  6. ohmyblog how on earth did you DO that??????? rianbow id DEFINITELY the best - you are a genius with nails!! ive always wanted to be good at nails, but in truth im crap :L keep doing more - myabe you can post up some video tutorials??

  7. thanks Rose! XD i think i might do some tutorials next time i do my nails! :D

  8. This is sooo cute!
    I love the rainbow and happy cloud :D


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