Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cute Giveaway, Harry Hill made me a nut! :D

My Kawaii Space and Kawaii Companions are hosting a super cute giveaway where you can win this ring and necklace! 
The strawberry! :D
 You can find the instructions on how to win the adorable prize here! It's really simple actually! I desperately want to win! >.< It is soooooooo caayooooot! : D The comp. closes on the 24th of September so hurry up if you want to be in with a chance! ^.^ You should also follow the blogs as they are just so...KAWAII! :'D Can't wait to see who wins, good luck everyone! >.<

Also, thank you to all of my followers! Over the weekend i went up by 5 followers! That doesn't seem that much to all you, big boss bloggers out there but to me, it's loads! :D Thank you so much for being interested in my posts! >.<
So, i've made a sort of blog button, but i don't have a clue how to get it to link back to my blog! : O Someone gave me a link to a website that helps you with this problem but i don't know how to work it! Can someone please tell me what to do!? :D

Here's my possible button!
Oh my gosh! :D I just got an email from Harry Hill! You know, the comedian from Harry Hill's TV Burp, and You've been Framed and all that? Well i entered a photo of myself a while ago for Harry to draw me on one of his fair-trade nuts....and i won! :D Here's his drawing of me on a nut! :D
it's amazing how over-excited i am at the moment! :D I loooooooooove Harry Hill! :D
Harry Hill is like my heeeeeeroooooo! :D

Lucy :D



  1. Wow...that is some acheivement for Harry Hills to draw you on a nut!! Ohmygod, I'm jealous XD

    Well done on the followers!! They're going up so quickly! :D

  2. hehe, i'm so happy, harry picked me! xD
    thanks, i can't believe i have 32 followers! XD

  3. Lol I've never heard of Harry Hill but he sounds cool. ;) I can help you with the blog button problem if you like; I can give you the html code for it so you can just place on your blog. :)

  4. Anna- oh that would be great! :D

  5. Wow, Harry Hill drew you on a nut! Awesome!

  6. that nut is sooo funny and cute.. :))

  7. Cliona - i know right! XD

    Pamgotcrazy - i love it :D


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