Friday, 16 September 2011

Nail Art! :D

Today I had my friends, Rachel & Stephanie over and they were lucky enough to get their nails designed by... moi! ; D
Firstly, I will show you Rachel's nails!
Too many polishes to name! : O
 In total, I used 10 polishes on Rachels nails, which were all very easy to apply and looked gorgeous! :D
If you are wondering, 'What?! How did you do that amazing design on Rachel's index finger Lucy?!' Well, my little followee's, that is my deepest secret! ; ) *Water Marbling*
I will tell you all of the names later!
Close up on Rachel finger

Stephanie's nails 
For Stephanie's nails, I used the water marbling again and also some Barry M Nail Effects - 315 on top of Revlon - White On White - 050, they were both really easy to use and were quick drying! :D
Everything we used! From left to right:
Revlon - White On White 050
Miners Extreme Nail Colour 
Barry M - Nail Effects - 315
Claires - Chip Resistant
Hello Kitty - Box Set
Rimmel - Green With Envy - 819
Rimmel - Your Majesty - 239
Barry M - Red Glitter - 150
New York Color - Ink Stain - 115
New York Color - Permanent Pink - 109
Models Own - Juicy Jules

Hope you liked my designs! xD
What's your favourite? : )

Lucy :D


  1. Wow you are amazing at painting nails! I wish my friends (or me!) were that good! I love the nails, especially Rachels. I love the way it's just the random stripy nail among all the gorgeous glittery ones! Also like the new heading!


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