Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kawaii Companions ~ Ichigo : D

I recently received a package from Kawaii Companions including an Ichigo ring & an Ichigo necklace!

Ichigo Ring
The ring is soo cute as you can see and has an ajustable catch at the back, which is really handy as my fingers are quite slim so i could easily tighten it just by squeezing it! :D

back of the ring!
I also got the necklace which is basically the same but a big bigger and has a little cutie-pie body! >.<

necklace! :D
It is quite long and has a cute red chain! When i'm wearing it, it goes down to my belly button if that helps you picture the length of it(?!) lol! ^.^ It is now my favourite necklace and I have been wearing it everyday since I got it! :o It's uuuubeeer-cute! XD love it, love it, love it! : D
Here's a photo of them together! :D

awwwwwhhh! >.<

Do you love them yet? i do! :D You can buy your own by clicking here! :D Thanks so much Julie! :D

Do you like kawaii stuff? Do you like cute jewellery? Do you like my strawberry nails? Let me know in my comments! 



  1. I didn't get my prize yet. I can't wait til it comes..

  2. Lily - I got mine from the Kawaii Companions lady, Julie, you are getting yours from Emily! :D So they will have posted them at different times! XD

  3. Love these :D AWESOMESAUCE! XD

  4. AWW ! This is like burikko minues the slutiness!


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