Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Nails!

So, Halloween is tomorrow? WRONG! Where i live, we have Halloween on the last Friday in October just 'coz we're cool that way... ; ) But for all of you, you still have time to try out this mani! ;D

Oh scaaaary! Haha, I think the Barry M crackle nails look quite spooky? hehe! Then you'll never guess what, for the spotty dotty bits? I used a kirby-grip/bobby-pin! Simple! Instead of using a dotting tool, use a kirby! :D I know the dots on my second finger is a bit smudged but i think it adds to the spookiness? xD I started to film myself doing my nails, but the camera kept falling over so i just gave up! :( tripod arrived in the post yesterday! yeeeey! :D So, a new video will be up soon! :D

the thumb! ; )

my other hand!

What do you think? :D I will post a new video soon, any suggestions or requests? Just comment! :D
Lucy :D


  1. I love this spooky design! I cant wait to see your next video! :D

  2. Those are awesome!! Great halloween themed nails XD

  3. I like these! I wish I was good at nail art like you. xx

  4. These are very cool :)
    Love the halloween colours :D

  5. OOOOH I love this!! Looks great!!! <3


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