Friday, 21 October 2011

O.P.I - Rainbow Connection - Muppets Collection

The third finger along from the left! :D
When i was out shopping in Glasgow today, I found this little beauty! ;D
I've been trying to hunt it down for ages and then when i was staring at it for so long, my mum must have been a bit worried so she offered to buy me it for a special treat! I was like 'YAAAAHOOOOOOOO!'

It's gorgeous, isn't it? >.<
I used it for a top coat over NYC - Ink Stain and layered on two coats. Here's a close up:

even more beauuuutiful! ^.^
I'm just dreading taking it off! : o

Oh, if you were wondering what nail polish i was using for my other nails from the first photo, all will be revealed soon enough children! ; )

I have quite a few posts ready to post throughout the new few weeks! : D

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Lucy :D


  1. Love your new nails! :) I wasn't so sure about the new polish when I first saw it, but now I think it's pretty cool! XD

  2. AHHH! Your so lucky! I can't wait til it comes out in he U. S That was the one I was gunna get it too! Also Animalistic.

  3. Ugh Gimme. I've wanted that for so long XD

  4. I would enter the giveaway...but I have no nails :/

  5. Waaaaaaaaawwwww in love with your nails! :)
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  6. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! so cute!!!! love love love love love love love love love! gosh.. i really like that rainbow collection! and your nail art is sssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FANTABULOUS! oh my gosh. i literally stare at this for 10 mins!

  7. WOAH I love that nail polish!!!!!!!! It's SO pretty!

  8. the nail styles are great! Now following you :-)

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