Monday, 24 October 2011

And The Winner is....

Remember my Models Own giveaway I started a few weeks back? I said i would end the giveaway when I reached 100 followers and last night...that happened! Dun, dun....DUN! :D Thank you soooo much, I am over the moon, it's amazing! >.< You're probably like, 'Shut up Lucy, we just want the free stuff -.-' so i will say no more and put you out of your misery, the winner is....

Rachel from One Quirky Blog!

Yaay! Well done Rachel! Rachel made a huge effort for the giveaway, she blogged about it, tweeted, facebooked, even made a button for her sidebar about the giveaway! :O I feel like i should give her my whole collection for what she has done...but i could never do that!! ; ) 
Rachel, I will contact you right now! XD

I wish i had enough Juicy Jules to give to each and every one of you! : ( But who knows, you could win my next giveaway! Just keep your eyes peeled...

Look out for a new post coming out later today! :D


P.S. i need a new name for you's, followers is boring! Suggestions in the comments? :D


  1. YAY! Woop woop, party time I think, don't you agree? Oh, I am so so so happy right now >.<

    Thanks Cliona :D

  2. Congratulations Rachel!! You really deserve it though :-D

  3. Cool first comp Lucy!! xx


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