Saturday, 15 October 2011

My First Giveaway! Models Own [CLOSED]

Well....I'm doing a giveaway! :D
I was up town and found this gorgeous Models Own set of 3 polishes in River Island! :D
It contained Thunder & Lightning, Pink Fizz and, *drumroll* Juicy Jules!

So, since I already own Juicy Jules, I thought 'Wow, these colours are gorgeous! But, hmmm, i already have Juicy Jules...hrrm...hrrrm....I'll give it to my FOLLOWERS!' :D So, there you go, Juicy Jules could be yours! >.<

So, what do you need to do to enter? simples!

1. You must be a follower!
2. You must share this blog and giveaway as much as possible(Blog about it, share it on facebook, tweet about it, hey! you could even post a youtube video about it!), just leave all the links to where you have shared it in the comments! Each link gets more points!
3. I will choose the blogger that has put in the most effort to my giveaway and blog!

So, what are you waiting for?

In your comment you should include:

1. Your name, so i can see that you are my follower.
2. All the links to your sharing.
3. Any comments on how i could improve my blog? :D
4. A link to your blog!
5. Tell me what country you are from!

The giveaway does not have an exact closing date... it will close when i reach 100 followers! That may be a while, but enter fast, it could be tomorrow! ; )

Thank you so much for all your support and following me! : P

Goodbye & Good Luck! :D

P.S. Just to make it clear to people, you ONLY win Juicy Jules! The photo of the 3 of them was just to show you what i had bought!


  1. Hey Lucy! I would love to be entered! :)
    GFC: Dolly Daydream!! I have been with you since almost the start and I havent forgotten that you were my very first follower!!
    I am from the UK!! :D

  2. This sounds cool!!!
    My name is Jenna but in the followers thing it says I'm Jen in the Purple Pants, and I'm from the USA!!

  3. wow! all the girls will be sso happy for this! :-)

  4. 1. Sarah B (PrncessSarah02)

    3. None good job :)

    5. Usa ~ Kimball MI

  5. Omg u should do tutorials like bubz xx

  6. 1. My name is Kirshten!
    2. I'm not available to my blog, rihg tnow so I can't sahre about this giveaway, sorry..
    3.You don't need to improve your blog! Its cute and crazy and awesome. lol xD
    5. I am from U.S

    Thanks for havin this giveaway!!
    I've never had this brand of polish before!

  7. I shared the giveaway here.. :)

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  9. Okay I'll enter;)

    1. Name: Lisa-Joan Ireland
    2. Links:!/LisaRantss

    3. Just vids thats all!:)


    And this i made this happen!

  11. 1. Rachel :)

    2. I shared the link on:
    My Blog Post ;)
    My Facebook ;)
    My Twitter ;)
    I also put information about it in my blog sidebar, made you a blog button for it (here) and commented on some blogs about your giveaway (here | here | here | here & here) ;)

    3. Nope it's perfect, can't wait for the vlogs! It'll be even more fabulisimo then! XD

    4. One Quirky Blog

    5. The Sunny UK :D

  12. 1. Zoe Crook

    2. Twitter:!/Bookhi_blog

    3. Wow, this is hard! I can't think of anything... I love it! Maybe more vlogs...? :)

    4. Bookhi -

    5. England :)

  13. 1) NailsandNonsense
    2) Twitter:!/NailsnNonsense

    3) Let us know your method for removing glitter nail polish! I always have a nightmare with glitters!


    5) UK


  14. Hi Lucy,

    I would love to win Juicy Jules.

    1. GFC: Karen

    2. All the links to your sharing.!/aussiegirlblogs/status/128200234001108992

    3. Sign up to more Social Media sites and frequent other blogs and leave comments, enter competitions and make new friends and have fun.

    eg. Twitter and YouTube


    5. I'm from the UK (originally Australia).

    Thanks for the giveaway!



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