Thursday, 20 October 2011

Masking nails & 80 Followers! : )

Ahhhhhh! Do you like it? :D I used NYC - Ink Stain & Rimmel - Green With Envy! To get this effect, i painted my nails with the darker colour and left it for a day(yes, a whole day!) to harden completely before layering a strip of cellotape(the word cellotape looks really weird to me, anyone else?!lol.) diagonally across my nail. Then I painted over the whole nail with the lighter polish and peeled the cellotape off! :D
The reason why i left it for a whole day is that I have tried this before, leaving it to dry for only a few hours and when i came to peel the tape off, the whole base coat came off with it as it must still have been soft....ish!

Do you like this one? I used the same effect but cut a triangle out of the strip! :D Which one do you like better? : )

Just to let you know, i made a facebook page for this blog(horraay!), click here to view the page and please 'like' it! : ) By liking this page and sharing it, you could also increase your chances of winning my giveaway! Click here to enter the giveaway! You just need to comment on the post with everywhere you have shared it on!
I am now over 80 followers, which means i am getting closer to the closing of my giveaway! :D Thank you so much! >.<

Oh! My friend, Lisa has started a blog where she is blogging about make-up, hair and all that jazz... ; ) Her first few posts are up and they are reeeeaaaally good with fabby tips! Click here to see her blog! :D

So that's all! I am expecting nail mail tomorrow so i will hopefully be posting again soon! :D
Your things to do ~

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How nice am i, making a to do list for you? ; )
Have fun! >.<

Lucy :D


  1. OMG THATS AWESOME*-* Im doing this for going back to school!!
    Please do a Japanese inspired tutorial!>.<

  2. They're so pretty! My fave is the first one!


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